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  • Access  a digital organiser fully hyperlinked for your convenience.
  • Download beautiful digital stickers ready to be used and available in single PNG formats too!
  • Organise your content by category.

What is digital planning?

This video will explain in simple terms what digital planning is, so that you can decide wether or not you will find any benefit downloading this kit.


What do you need to get started?

  • A tablet or iPad
    In order to use this freebie you will need a tablet or an IPad because every planners or stickers that you will be using will be digital. We also recommend an apple pencil or stylus to write but you can also type if you prefer to do so.
  • A PDF annotation app
    Most of our users use Goodnotes 5 as a PDF annotation tool, but you can use Zoomnotes too. If you are an android user xodo seems to be a good choice.
  • A short masterclass
    After signing up for your freebie you will gain access to a short masterclass showing you how to get started and use your organiser and stickers using Goodnotes 5 on the IPad

About the Creator

Olivia Raymond

My name is Olivia Raymond ❤. Im the owner of a very successful  online store with clients worldwide. We are all part of a very private community!

My designs helps all my followers to tell their own story though digital art every day and to keep all the best moments of their lives alive and vibrant!


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