My top tools for digital planning 

 October 8, 2019

By  oliviaraymond

If you are a digital planner gal like me, there are tools that you should regularly be using that are the foundation of your craft. As a creator in this industry, we are taking things to an all-new level so there is no reason why we should let you out of the loop and leave you hanging. So here are my favourite tools to use when it comes to my stickers creation process and my planning.



Most digital planner gals are using Goodnotes for their digital planning needs, and there are several reasons for this. Goodnotes is super easy to use, no real learning curve is needed, and you can get planning straight away!

  • Goodnotes is inexpensive....for a very reasonable price you can access a tool that can really take your iPad to an all-new level and turn it into a really excellent productivity tool! Not only can you use Goodnotes as a note-taker, but you can also carry your digital planner with you and take action on important things in your life.
  • Goodnotes is what the majority of the community is using so most creators optimise their products for the app, it is a standard among digital planning aficionados, and it is a great way to start
  • Goodnotes is simple enough to use, no useless bells and whistle that would make the app heavy and just clunky! 


This is my tool of choice to create hand-drawn stickers. It is way simpler to use than Photoshop ( that I can't understand to save my life!) and they are plenty of free resources to get started with Procreate.
With a bit of time and discipline, you will be better at using procreate and will really enjoy creating your own stickers!
Here are a few Youtube channels that I use to learn Procreate and digital art in general:

  • List Beinkamp Draws is an awesome artist, click here to see her youtube channel.
  • Austin Batchelor is amazing and most of his resources are on Youtube but he also have great courses on Udemy!
  • Sara Tepes is an artist with a great vibe and she is very clear on her Youtube channel where she gives a tone of advice and show her workflow!

Abbie Nurse Procreate Brushes!

Talking about great brushes and Procreate, check out Abby Nurse Procreate Brushes, they are truly premium and take your work to an all-new level!
She is an excellent artist of course and also has a Youtube Channel where you can follow her tutorials and advice on how to use Procreate.
For Abbie's Youtube's Channel visit here.
Her Uproot store:

Creative Market

Creative Market is a great resource to find fonts, Procreate brushes and other design elements that can help you get started as a digital planning girl. Plus every time you make a purchase you can be offered bonuses and free goods so no reason not to buy there!

Colour lovers

If you are wondering how I pick my beautiful colour palette here is my secret....colourlovers.com
It is an excellent website where creators and designers share their colour palettes! It is a superb resource for creators and for yourself if you are an avid user of Procreate!
Visit Colourlovers

PROGIPAD's productivity tools

When it comes to being productive, pretty notebooks are lovely, but they also have to be efficient and get the job done!
At Progipad we offer beautiful hand-drawn stickers that are made by request mainly, and the entire Progipad's community can enjoy them!
We also equip you with premium planning tools with very unique features such as Kanban board, Eisenhower matrix and modular layouts so that you can be as flexible as possible!

Another unique feature of Progipad is the demo books that we offer free of charge with the newly designed kit release those last few months! If you feel less creative, just copy the content of your Demo book and paste it in your own planner! And just like that, you have a layout that you can customise and get on with your day!
Make sure to grab your free kit to get started with digital planning today!


If you wish to request your own dream set, join our community of Roses. We are offering inspirations for your layouts creation, advice and feedback when necessary and exclusive offers only available to subscribers or members of the group! So go ahead it will only take a minute!


Hello! My name is Olivia but you can call me Frenchshe...I'm the creator and owner of Progipad's sticker sets and planning resources. I help busy bees and Crafties plan their lives creatively through this blog, videos and free tutorials. So welcome to the Roses, that is how I call members of my private community, make sure to join the fun HERE.

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