5 tips to save more time 

 January 26, 2020

By  oliviaraymond

We all have busy lives, and unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day to do everything we ought to do!
In this post, I will give you tips on how to make the best of your time with actionable advice and downloadable resources to put things in motion.
Get more clarity on your schedule and free your mind to help you focus your efforts on the goals you set for yourself.

Track your time.

Tracking your time will help you gain more insight into your goals and activities.
Do you spend your time doing things that make you move forward? Or do you waste time doing mindless tasks and activities?…not that it doesn’t have its place in your daily schedule, but you should really include those downtimes as rewards and breaks during the day.


Keeping track of your time can help you in many ways!

  • It can show you how much you actually work, we always tend to overestimate the number of hours we spend actually doing our core activities. By tracking that time, we can have a realistic overview of our workload and maybe start delegating tasks when necessary
    We have more time than we think! By keeping a log of your time and spotting mindless activities, you will quickly realise that you could manage your activities better and truly gain more time for things that can make a difference in your life! You will also realise than 10 minutes can make a difference in a day…instead of being misused…in 10 minutes you can wash the dishes or finish up that blog post you were writing! 
  • It works! Tracking your time will make real changes in your life if you are committed to the process! Noticing that you do not spend enough time with your family, for example, can change your relationships with them! Being aware that you are watching too many Netflix Shows can make you rethink your priorities and move you closer towards your goals!

Tool tip

There are plenty of tools out there to help you keep track of your time, Using the Progipad templates you can really make sense of the time you spend doing each daily activities.
Using a simple time table, you can retrace what you do in a day and see where you spend the most energy on and if it matches your goals and expectations.

Click on the pink button to download those table , available in PNG version, numbers and excel version.... 

Here are a few questions while looking over your time log:

  • What would you like to celebrate your schedule? Are you doing it right? Can you keep up with the program that you created for yourself?
  • List Do you cover all areas of life?
  • Are you able to delegate when necessary?
  • What do you love doing?
  • What do you hate doing?
    Who can you count on during shared activities?
    At what time do you do more and have the most energy?

Amp up your downtime

Having some time for yourself can be an opportunity for you to take things to the next level and grow as an individual.
Having free time is all about rich experiences and creating new memories!

Start a new hobby!

Downtime can be fun and adventurous! Take this time to be more creative and really give in to your hidden passion!
Make a list of all the things you always wanted to try and jot down all the information that you need to get started…that could also be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make new friends along the way!

Get organised!

It is time for a spring clean!
If you are like most people, your inbox looks like a war zone, and you haven’t taken the time to really put it all in order!
What about your paperwork? Did you learn how to go digital and go entirely paperless for more freedom in your life?
Is there anyone around you that needs new clothes? You probably have a wardrobe full of items you do not want to wear anymore…we all do!

Have you heard about the Konmari checklist?

If you are serious about purging your environment, then this Konmari inspired list can be a real asset. It covers almost all area of your life, and you can tick items as you purge!
Of course, you might have to adapt this list to your needs and create labels and subcategories.

Download the PDF list now

Revamp your budget!

You probably spend more money than you think!
In this day and age, everything is about subscriptions and keeping track of our expenses can be challenging!
A great way to calculate your budget is to always have an eye on your cumulated total, you can download this excel table available for you to download below or in the vault section of the menu bar.

Download the excel and numbers table now

This is a simple version of what is used by business owners to calculate their business plan however it is the perfect tool for you if you wish to really save money and keep track of all your expenses!

Set all your appointments

If you are like me, you might forget to plan or even postpone yearly appointments or checkups, so take this time to organise them and add them to your schedule.

  • Dentist appointment
  • Yearly checkup to the doctor
  • Glasses and eye doctor
  • Dermatologist (check out those moles and potential irritations)
  • Gynaecologist… enough said
  • Radiologist (get a mammogram…it is so essential!)

Take a course!

Downtime is the perfect time to get educated! There are plenty of platforms with affordable courses. With sites like CourseraUdemy, and Skillshare learning online is easy and you can learn on your own pace. It is not always FREE but sometimes really worth the investments.


If you prefer to learn face to face find a local course near you and make new friends with similar interests!

Start a blog!

If you have something to say to the world, why not start a blog?

It is such a fun activity and who knows you might gather enough followers to become an influencer!

 Or simply share your posts in Facebook groups or Instagram..it will attract followers to your content, and you will connect to like-minded people it can really enrich your life and get you connected to professionals in your niche. You have a voice, why not share your talents with the world!


Finish what is almost done

There are always tasks that we do not like to do!

 Tasks that we always postponed. Take a few hours to finish all those pesky tasks in one go.
It will Unclutter your mind and free your time to do what you like. How satisfying is it to strike finished tasks from your tasks list!

Get all those tasks you keep postponing out of the way and feel really free!

Plan ahead

To save time, you need to organise it!
Make sure to create a daily schedule for yourself. My recommendation is to write for 10 to 20 min about anything and everything…it will force you to think and maybe trigger new ideas. Then empty your head of all the things you have to tackle.
Organise the information you gather in categories:

  • tasks
  • projects
  • events 
  • reminders
  • chores
  • Things I can delegate
  • ideas
  • goals
  • Add those into a schedule. You can organise projects for several weeks, developing new ideas is an entirely separate process, but to-dos can be prioritised.
    Ask yourself those questions:

    • What can be done in the next 20min?
    • What must be done today? This week?
    • What are the events I need to attend? Organise? Confirm? Cancel?
    • What has a due date and when should I get started?
    • What milestone should I set for myself?
    • What to include in my morning and evening routine?
    • Are there any reminders that I should set on my calendar?
    • What activities and tasks can wait?
    • Who can pick up the slack for me on this one?
    • What should be paid?
    • Anything to send? Or ship?
    • Who should I call? Who am I waiting for?
    • Do I have urgent appointments? What appointments can be postponed?
    • What can I cancel, delete or through away?
    • List Do I need to organise anything in my life?
    • What are my goals, and what should I start planning to get there?

    Make sure to then add priorities to your tasks as well as urgency. You can use colour coding for that.
    The most important and urgent tasks should be listed and visible at first glance in your digital notebook or any other task list you are using!
    Make a to-do list with all other relevant tasks and tackle them one by one.


    Even better includes them in a time blocking time table! Don’t forget to include downtime to your timetable so that you do not get overwhelmed! 

    You can find this exact set and template by clicking  on the image .

    Do you have tips to save more time?

    If you have more tips on time-saving, please comment below and make sure to share your opinions in our private Facebook group!

    Make sure to download all of our resources below.

    Click the arrow to download all the resources at once or click on the individual buttons to choose what you which to download


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