5 reason why you should use digital planning 

 October 8, 2019

By  oliviaraymond

I have always been fond of technology and practicality, and when it comes to organising my life, I have the same philosophy, I still used advanced apps to organise my life, but with digital planning, I have found the sweet spot between using colours for better clarity and holding my tasks most efficiently.If you are looking for the best way to organise your life using your tablet and a simple note application, then keep reading.


Safer data

By using your tablet, you can save all your data and information using iCloud or using any other cloud service. You do not have to fear to lose relevant data, because planning is also about keeping private information that can participate to the history of your project, or keeping a diary that contributes to your own account. By using a tablet for planning, creating lists or storytelling, you are combining the advantage of technology with the feeling of handwriting your notes. There is something about handwriting that I find really stimulating, not losing that sensation to technology is priceless when compared to merely using apps. Let's not forget that you can also follow up on your information on your phone, which you can't do with a paper planner.

Easy information's correction

So by now, you can understand that whether you are planning using apps or paper the fantastic advantage of a tablet is the extra tools that the device holds on itself.

  • Using a tablet and an excellent note-taking app will allow you to make corrections very quickly and neatly without causing confusion. What a satisfying feeling to have beautiful notes that you can really understand. Plus the use of stickers will create highlights and visual point of references that can change your workflow altogether because when you can see what is essential, you can act immediately and keep your focus sharp.
  • Add pictures to your notes quickly, use the picture tools and either take a photo directly to capture a memory on the fly or add a photo from your device by just using drag and drop. Harder to do with paper! Plus the customisation of your layout and how you organise your thoughts or tasks is totally up to you, we are all different, and our brain is wired differently especially if you are a creative being at your core. I have used productivity apps my entire career, and I still do in some instances but there is always something missing on how I would like to view my tasks and organise them, but with digital planning, I am in full control of how I would like to deal with the functions of the day.
  • Add as many pages as needed. With a tablet, there are numerous design possibilities, endless paper types, various planner options, extra tools that you can add to a simple task list ( make sure to browse our store to see all the fun tools available right now). You are basically limited by nothing in terms of taking notes or planning your life your own way.
  • By using planners or digital bullet journals with hyperlinks, you can keep tracks of your notes and keep them organised. No need to turn endless pages, now you can click on the right tab, and you are where you need to be immediately.

Stimulate your creativity

By using stickers, you are adding visual stimuli to your planning effort as well as more than necessary visual references that will point you to what really matters today or what should get done right now!
Using stickers can look childish or unnecessary, but the use of colours actually stimulate our creativity. It is necessary to have new ideas every day to keep moving forward. The world of children is a bigger and richer word because they do not limit themselves, and we shouldn't either. Attaching an image to a memory or a task make it more than just another word, and all of a sudden, what was hidden to our attention becomes front of mind.

Take smarter notes

By using ready-made layouts or creating your own, you are forced to structure your thoughts and think about how you will classify information as they come. Plus the use of stickers can indeed divide your block of text into organised widgets that you can refer to later. You can now identify the different part of your thinking process at a glance.

Your notes and tasks lists look lovely, you will now act on them.

How many times did you write a task list just to take them out of your heads and then completely forgot about them? How many time did you take notes during classes or meeting without ever looking at them ever again? We have all being through these situations, but when your notes look like art, it is much harder to ignore. Plus each layout has its mood and a life of its own, we pay way more attention when things get interesting!

So I hope that you can see that digital planning can really offer endless possibilities and truly be another tool to your productivity arsenal!
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Hello! My name is Olivia but you can call me Frenchshe...I'm the creator and owner of Progipad's sticker sets and planning resources. I help busy bees and Crafties plan their lives creatively through this blog, videos and free tutorials. So welcome to the Roses, that is how I call members of my private community, make sure to join the fun HERE.

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