5 habits for better productivity 

 October 15, 2019

By  oliviaraymond

Hello, Roses! We all have our little routine to get things done. I changed a few things to my routine, and I wanted to share those tips with you! 



So the most significant change that I have made to my routine is to wake up earlier! An hour earlier actually and boy did it change everything!

Now I get to focus on my tasks, and I get things done efficiently, and faster; consequently, I start working two full hours before the time I use to start working before! By adding up all this extra time, I have one full day of work extra per week! 

So by just waking up earlier every day, I can add new goals to my life and hit them with confidence without necessarily being more tired! The reason is that I go to bed earlier so I get to plan my day including a full good night of sleep in my schedule instead of just going to bed at any time! 

The result? More sleep, less late night sleep and way more energy during the day.


Organising your space is organising your life! There is nothing more pleasant than to work in a decluttered space because you can finally focus on what matters and forget all about the little insignificant things that can make you a professional procrastinator!

You can also make your space more inviting by adding pleasant items to your surrounding, like flowers , candles with a pleasant smell and overall things that stimulate your productivity and creativity. If you are working at a desk take or surrounded by people, trying to avoid toxicity like gossips and bad energy as an all, focus on serving as best you can and be the cause of positive changes around you!


Make sure to do some form of exercise every day even if we are talking about activities (gardening, taking the dog out, play with your kids...). If you have a sedentary job, it will create a lot of tension in your body, consequently making you tired.

What would be beneficial for you would be to breathe better and even considering breathing exercises! Here are a few youtube gurus that can help you for less than 15min per day!

Meghan Livingstone3 Deep Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress & Anxiety


Time blocking is more than a productivity system. I think that the more you pay attention to your workflow, the more you start time blocking! The reason why is that it works so well. You might be wired differently because this demands discipline, but it is so effective that I now do it without even thinking about it!

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What is time blocking?

Time blocking consist of blocking chunk of time from your schedule to act on a particular type of task, you can colour code these time slots for better clarity 

This method is also helping with prioritising and assessing your energy level! 

My advice? Do what matters more to you when you have the most energy. If you are a morning person plan to do the most energy demanding tasks in the morning, if you are a night owl, take some time later on the day to accomplish those tasks.


If you are as busy as I am, it is vital to learn to systemise everything!

By creating workflows, you will be able to predict how your day is going to go and plan accordingly for those tasks which require more brainpower!

Those systems will be repetitive by essence, and it will be a piece of cake to teach it to others simply because you analysed and understand how you get things done!

This way of organising your thoughts can be done for most things in life like in business as a business owner of course but also, house chores, study, kids care, animal care and so on...


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